6 Easy techniques of successful training.

1) Be consistant: example... "Sit always means sit"... not sit then ok come on up!

2) Be concise: 1 or 2 word commands: example...."Sit"..."Down"..."No"... not " no, don't do that".

3) Proper praise: There are 3 types... Give them a treat, tell them good boy/girl, pet them to show them you approve of what they did... Don't forget to let them know when they do something wrong as well... Tell them "no" or "go" to show disapproval.

4) Be the Alpha: A dog picks up on your emotions. Example... Use an authorative voice. Don't be afraid to correct you dog or they will become "out of control".

5) Be prepared: Always have treats and a leash ready. If you can make the effort for a child, you can make the effort for you dog.

6) Show LOVE: A dog wants to know the are wanted and loved. All you have to do is be accepting of your dog the way you made them. If you want a good dog... TRAIN THEM!!!!

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