When thinking about getting a dog, most people only think about puppies. They think about getting one from a friend whose dog just had a litter of puppies. There is another option for you to consider. Why not consider adopting a dog from a local shelter. A lot of people don’t think about adult dogs, or all the dogs that have been left behind and forgotten in shelters. Considering an adult dog has it’s benifits. You won’t have to deal with house breaking the dog. They already know their name and the basic comands.



There are hundreds of great dogs that don’t have homes just waiting to be loved again. Waiting to be taken home and be part of a family again, to be happy. There are also lots of puppies in shelters as well. Dogs have litters and the owners don’t want them so they just dump them  on a shelter to take care of and find homes for.


Now a lot of people think that a dog in a shelter is bad, that the animal was left there because they were bad or mean or something else. This isn’t true at all. Most dogs and puppies that are in shelters are some of the most loving and loyal friend that you could ever ask for. They have been abandoned by there owners and left without a home or a friend to be with, or someone to play with them and pet them.



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A lot of people take dogs to shelter because they can’t handle them, maybe too hyper for them. They may be moving and can’t take there dog with them to the new place. They may not be able to afford to feed and take care of them. Or maybe they just don’t care about them anymore and just want them gone. Almost all of the dogs in shelter are already house broken,trained and fixed so you wont have to worry about all of that. They are already ready to go home. Their just waiting on someone to come and take them home. So before you go and get a puppy from someone, why not stop and think about the forgotten ones? Why not consider adopting a dog?

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