My-Bad-Dog?           My-Bad-Dog?

There are many different things to take into consideration when thinking about getting a dog. A dog is more than just a pet. It will not only be your best friend, it’ll become a member of you family. You have to think about the type of dog you want as well as the home your bringing it into.

Are you going to have the room for it to run and play, or are you living somewhere where you will have to leash your dog all the time. Whether you are wanting a small or large dog, one friendly to a lot of people or more protective of your family, there are many different breeds and types of dogs out there to choose from. You have to think about what you want from you dog.

Are you interested in more of a playfull dog that will always be acting silly and make you laugh or more of a serious and loyal dog and and that is not as hyper? If you have children, make sure they are part of the choosing process. You want to make sure they are good with children. If the puppy chooses the child the more loyal and protective they will be of the child as an adult dog.

Also, when picking a breed, you have to think about what you want the dog for. Do you want the dog for a family pet, a sport dog for hunting or, are you thinking about a work/service dog to help you on a farm herding sheep or to help people through out the world, or maybe to protect your family/business. Most people are looking for a family pet.