My Bad Dog?



Now that we’ve looked at Small dogs and Medium dogs. Lets take a look at Large dogs. Large dogs are no different then the other sized dogs. They are just bigger! Don’t think just because the dog is large that they are mean or anything because they aren’t. If anything they are just big babies actually. Hence the one picture that I’ve added to the page. No matter how big they are they will always be your baby.

Some people seem to think that just because a dog is big that they are mean. Quite the opposite. They are just as caring, loving and loyal as any other dog. They just weigh and eat a lot more that’s all. They may also take up a little bit more room on the couch too but their still great dogs. They do however need more room to run and play and move around. If your someone who lives in a small appartment, a large dog might not be the best for you. Please think carefully before getting a large dog, if you have enough room for them. Someplace where you can let them out to run and play and you can have fun with them. They need room to run and play just like all of us and all other dogs…

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